Female vodka maker Yuliya Mamontova set out to create the perfect vodka for women, by women.

By using a secret formula passed down to her by her Ukrainian grandmother, 
she has successfully recreated her magic, right here in the United States.


Ms. Mamontova is a co-founder of AnestasiA Vodka. Born in Ukraine to a Russian father and Ukrainian mother, Yuliya Mamontova recalls helping her paternal grandparents making vodka on the family’s country estate at the age of five. The scents of fermenting yeast, sugar and water, are those of her childhood.

As her family continued to brew vodka using a secret recipe that Yuliya’s Ukrainian grandmother invented, they built their own apparatus to increase the speed of development. Ms. Mamontova learned the complexities of vodka brewing as they constructed a machine for fermenting, heating, evaporating, cooling, and collecting. Yuliya named her product in honor of her grandmother - Anestasia. Today, her Ukrainian aunt still makes her vodka at home. Over the years Yuliya has processed and tasted vodka from ingredients as simple as yeast, sugar and water, to potatoes, grains, and grapes. The experiments in making and distributing vodka are her family legacy.